8 April 2012 1 Comment

N – Nests, No Entry and Naps

I made you wait so long to read about the letter N and so I decided to give you three stories. I was also going to talk about nut butters, but I’ll leave that for another day. 🙂

First, the nests. Not bird ones, but edible ones. Two batches worth, in fact!

yummy nests

I found the recipe here and I really enjoyed making them. It is basically rice krispie squares made with noodles instead of krispies. I was also thrilled to get a large bag of mini eggs. I ate all of the leftovers on my road trip this week. I ended up flying to Thunder Bay and Sault Ste. Marie on Wednesday for some work meetings.

Here is the nest once it was all packaged up:

packaged nests

I made a batch last week-end and took them to work on Monday. I made another batch yesterday for the Easter plates today. Unfortunately my math skills are not the best and I did not keep enough back for today’s table presentation! Silly me!!

This was the first Easter Egg Hunt for my niece and nephew at the Bristow Palace. The bunny would like to keep children away from the elevator shaft, so any elevator shaft doors and places where the bunny did not hide eggs was marked by this sign:

cartoon with two bunnies

The sign maker in this family has quite a sense of humour.

And finally, naps. I’ve been taking a lot of them this week-end. I finally succumbed to my Dad’s cold and my whirlwind week and trip across the province did not help. Michael Hyatt had a great blog post on naps a few days ago. I especially liked the link that he pointed to that outlined some of history’s great nap takers. I haven’t had a chance to go looking for famous female nappers.

I’m a huge proponent of napping. I seem to be able to find the one sleep cycle for approximately 20 minutes and I wake up ready to rock and roll. If I’m really tired at work, I pull up a yoga mat and my sleeping bag and pillows in the office shower and I take a 20-minute nap over my lunch break. When we moved buildings 11 years ago, I fought hard for a nap room. I had research that outlined the benefit of a nap room for an office environment, but I did not get my wish. My boss at the time told me that I should have called it a sick room instead.

I really liked the example in Hyatt’s blog of the guy who held his keys in his hand. The idea of the short sleep cycle and creativity is intriguing. Maybe I should try that the next time I go to paint. Speaking of naps, I see a nine-hour one in my future right now. I have a busy week ahead, so I better get horizontal right now. Have a great week, all! Don’t eat all of your chocolate at once!!!

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